Stainless Plate Products, Inc.

Your RELIABLE Partner

for high quality, custom stainless steel disc, ring
and specialty plate flange fabrication.

Years of Improvement

Stainless Plate Products, Inc. has been supplying the fabrication, distribution, original equipment manufacturers and end user markets with the highest quality stainless plate product for more than four decades. Throughout that time we’ve learned a lot. A lot about the nature of stainless, a lot about continually evolving, constantly improving processes and a lot about you—our customer. You expect a lot—knowledgeable partners, accurate production, fast turnaround, consistent communication and reliable delivery. Fortunately, Stainless Plate Products delivers a lot—we've been doing it for forty years.

Better Service Equals Better Results

Stainless Plate Products, Inc. produces top quality stainless steel rings, discs, standard and specialty plate flanges and a never-ending variety of custom cut and machined products cut from plate. SPP is a reliable partner with companies that insist on quality in the chemical, nuclear, environmental, paper, food service, engineering, construction and heavy machinery industries.

Consistent quality, competitive pricing, fast turnaround on machining, plasma and water jet cutting and reliable delivery speeds are just a few of the many services offered by Stainless Plate Products, Inc. We also include a comprehensive set of value-added services to make your experience and project even better, every time you work with SPP.

Our Facility

Stainless Plate Products, Inc. produces the highest quality stainless steel plate product from state-of-the-art machine shops in Southeastern Pennsylvania. With continually evolving capabilities, our multiple locations ensure our customers' projects receive full attention for the best results and fastest turnaround times.